The music and the images of this video are part of a promotional film by electronics manufacturer Pegatron. This campaign uses their video and adds subtitles to it in order to tell you the missing story.


People Not Robots.


People are dying to make our phones and computers. Recently thirteen workers in an iPhone factory in China were diagnosed with leukaemia; five have died. They were between 19 and 24 years old. More than 240 South Korean electronics workers, most of them Samsung employees, suffer from leukaemia; 92 have died. But now together we can help change that.

Health and safety issues like exposure to benzene and other cancer-generating chemicals add to a number of labour abuses in the electronics industry. No-union policies, weeks of mandatory overtime without time off and poverty wages are the reality for millions of workers globally who make our computers, smartphones, tablets and printers.

Our public institutions buy one in every five computers in Europe - their contracts are so large that they can insist on better working conditions from brands in return for our tax money. By joining Electronics Watch, a new initiative that inspects factories making electronics for the public sector, and supports workers in claiming their rights, they can do this.

Act now! If enough of us ask our city, town, university or other public institution to join this initiative, we can help create a market for decent working conditions big enough to change the lives of millions. Sign the petition and share this with all your friends, colleagues and family.
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